About You

You, the person desiring a facelift, certainly recognize the importance of the decision you are making. Most facelift patients undergo only one facelift procedure in their lifetime; some will have two facelift procedures and very few people undergo more than two facelifts.

Once you made your final decision for a facelift, you should:

  • Be motivated to pursue the facelift procedure. Although it is absolutely normal to feel somewhat nervous about undergoing an elective cosmetic operation, you should feel good about your decision and therefore look forward to a nice result. This positive energy is important for a good overall experience.
  • Realize that you are doing this procedure for yourself. Having the right reasons to go ahead with a facelift is important in achieving the final goal.
  • Feel comfortable with your choice of physician. The right aesthetic surgeon will understand and share your aesthetic goals and he/she will give you a warm sense of “being taken care of”. Undergoing a facelift means giving your precious face in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon, a statement of utmost trust. Your facelift surgeon (link) should be honest, meticulous, well-trained and experienced.
  • Understand, what to expect after the facelift procedure. You want to minimize any surprises during the recovery period. Similarly, you certainly want to know about the final aesthetic result. Your cosmetic surgeon should have thoroughly explained what to expect in terms of recovery after the facelift as well as the cosmetic result. Before-and-after photos of other patients are interesting, but keep in mind that every person’s face is different and results of others may not be yours. The expected result can easily be shown to you on your own face during the consultation (link). Although computer imaging programs may be helpful for the planning process of other plastic surgery procedures, the post-operative look of a facelift procedure is probably better shown on your own face during the consultation.
  • Feel comfortable, that the planned facelift procedure is right for you. Today, the one-facelift-fits-all approach has been abandoned by most modern facial plastic surgeons. First, there are various surgical facelift procedures (link) available and the most appropriate ones should have been discussed with you by the state-of-the-art cosmetic surgeon. Second, an experienced aesthetic surgeon will modify the selected procedure to fit best your very individual and special desires and anatomy.
  • Realize, that a facelift can provide significant improvements by “turning back the clock”. The facial aging process will continue afterwards at a rate depending on your genetic disposition, overall health, nutrition, sun exposure and other lifestyle choices. Maintaining a youthful face requires a commitment from you. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about his recommendations on how to best maintain a youthful appearance.
  • Know that any facelift is an entirely elective procedure which is by no means an urgent matter. It may feel to you that you “just want it over with” but we cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the key points above. In general, if in doubt, wait until you feel absolutely ready for your facelift procedure. Most people think about having a facelift done for one year or more before they act upon it. One year earlier or later will likely not make a significant difference in the final result but selecting the right time for you may have a significant impact on your overall experience.

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