Fly in for Your Facelift

If You Come From Out-of-State

Patients from all over the United States and the world do their research before considering facelift surgery. The internet allows potential patients to seek out Dr. Frank Fechner for his practice focus in surgical facial rejuvenation, aesthetic vision, surgical excellence and superb patient care. Finally though, it is the attractive, long-lasting and superior results he creates that motivate patients to come to Massachusetts for a different kind of a vacation. Plastic Surgeons, doctors of other specialties and their spouses trusted their faces into Dr. Fechner’s hands and found it well worth the trip.
We understand that it may be inconvenient to fly to Massachusetts for your private consultation before surgery with Dr. Frank Fechner. On the other hand, Dr. Fechner wants you to have the opportunity for a consult that allows you and Dr. Fechner to discuss your individual aging situation and establish a customized plan. Once you decide to pursue face lift, neck lift, eyelid lift, brow lift and other procedures with Dr. Fechner, the outline below, we will take you through the process for planning for and undergoing surgery in Massachusetts if you live far away.

Virtual Consultation via Skype

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule your internet consultation with Dr. Frank Fechner, first you should contact his office by calling or using the contact form here. We will send you all the necessary paperwork for new patients. Once completed, you can mail, fax or email the information back to us.

Send Us Your Photos

In order for Dr. Fechner to perform a meaningful evaluation, he requires digital photographs of yourself that you can send by email. These photos should be of good quality including appropriate resolution, lighting, framing and positioning. Such a set of photos include 5 standard views as a minimum: front, each side profile and each “three-quarter” view (taken at 45 degree angles). Please refer to the Gallery (link) section for examples. Your hair should be pulled back exposing your ears and make-up should be light or absent and not camouflage your facial aesthetics. As a guideline, photographs taken in a well-lit environment using a camera with zoom works best. Sometimes, photos without flash are more informative as they depict the contours of your face best. A 15 or 20 year old photograph of you is helpful, too.

Meet Online for Your Consultation

Once Dr. Fechner has reviewed your information and photographs, you will be contacted to schedule the virtual consultation. For Skype to be useful, a high-speed internet connection will be necessary. You will have an opportunity to share your goals and desires with Dr. Fechner and he will give you his recommendations for you for the best outcome. He will discuss with you the surgical procedure and recovery. Our office manager will assist you with local hotel accommodations, private nursing care, costs and other logistics such as transportation.

Schedule Your Surgery

After your consultation you will have time to reflect the information provided. After you decided to go ahead, you will reserve a surgery date with Dr. Fechner. Keep in mind that face lift surgeries are usually scheduled a minimum of two months in advance and a deposit of $750 is required to reserve this date for surgery. This deposit is non-refundable after one week. Once you secured your surgery date, we will provide you with comprehensive written care instructions for before and after surgery. It is important that follow these directions faithfully. In addition, you will receive surgical consent forms. These documents are provided in English; all forms need to be signed and submitted to us. Be sure that you understand them before signing. The forms a self-explanatory but if you require translational service you will have ample of time to organize this locally. For any remaining questions, please call our office.

Medical Evaluation

For your own safety, Dr. Fechner requires that you undergo a preoperative evaluation by your medical doctor before surgery. This assessment should be in English and it needs to be performed within 30 days before your scheduled facelift procedure. Basic lab work and an electrocardiogram (EKG) are routine. We will provide you with the necessary form.

Travel to Massachusetts for Your Surgery

You will arrive 2 days before your scheduled surgery date when Dr. Fechner will meet you for a pre-operative consultation. The overall goal and procedures will be reviewed and the surgery discussed. You will have ample of time for questions; at the end, Dr. Fechner wants you to be comfortable and “the stars to be well arranged”.

After Your Facelift Surgery

All facelifts are performed as outpatient procedures in our fully accredited surgical facility. Dr. Fechner recommends you to have a private duty nurse to be with you for the first 24 hours. We can assist you with arrangements for additional care if you desire. Alternatively, a companion such as a family member or friend may be adequate. Follow up office visits for care after your procedure will be arranged over the first week or so. These appointments include specialized treatments to speed up your recovery. Dr. Fechner advises air travel back home not earlier than 8 days after your facelift. Next routine visits with Dr. Fechner are usually scheduled two and 6 months after your procedure. We do understand that you may miss these visits. In the rare event that you need to see a doctor later, we will help to arrange a visit with a local physician.

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