Other Aspects

The Ears

When observed with care, we realize that even a person’s ears may change over the decades. The extent and quality of alterations vary from person to person but commonly the earlobes are most notably affected. Of course, women tend to be more aware of these earlobe changes than men because of the importance of the ears for jewelry. The ear lobes may become longer over the years and even the position and size of the lobes can change. Therefore, the facelift is a perfect opportunity to improve the shape and proportions of the earlobes. The incisions normally used for the facelift allow Dr. Fechner optimal access to make these delicate changes. It is important to avoid telltale signs that a person has had a facelift which may include earlobe distortion, lengthening and malposition. Sometimes, even gentle volume enhancement may be necessary for you earlobes that have become wrinkly and deflated.

The Skin

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin represents a significant barrier to the surrounding environment. While it is protecting us from the sun, extremes of temperature and humidity, debris, bacteria and other microorganisms, it is not surprising that the skin will experience significant changes over the decades. Therefore, judicious skin rejuvenation is commonly combined with Dr. Fechner’s facelift procedures. Various factors help him determine the appropriate skin rejuvenation technique including the extent of skin changes and sun-induced aging, the patient’s skin type, texture and color and, of course, the person’s personal goals and desires. Skin rejuvenation in conjunction with facelifts needs to be chosen carefully in order to achieve appropriate improvement while minimizing risks and recovery time. Dr. Fechner finds that doctor-strength facial peels allow him to customize the skin treatments for his patients with predictable results and acceptable recovery. If deep wrinkles are present around the lips, dermabrasion may be the preferable solution.

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