The Facelift Consultation

Preparation for Your Successful Outcome

For Dr. Fechner’s patients, the initial consultation offers an opportunity to express one’s wishes and concerns related to their facial appearance. Sometimes, a patient’s fears may have been the reason for delaying an otherwise highly desired facelift for many years. Dr. Fechner is convinced that the consultative process involving a thorough examination of surgical and non-surgical options is an essential step every patient should undertake before committing to a facelift. After the consultation visit, which usually lasts about 45 minutes, Dr. Fechner will summarize his recommendations, define realistic goals for the patient and outline limitations and risks associated with facial rejuvenation.

First, your medical and surgical history will be reviewed. Safety takes priority whenever facial surgery is considered. Therefore, Dr. Fechner will discuss your pertinent medical details in order to ensure that you are in appropriate medical condition for elective cosmetic surgery. Most patients are in very good health and therefore well-suited for aesthetic procedures. However, if you have chronic medical conditions that could interfere with the anticipated outcome, Dr. Fechner may decide together with your treating physicians whether elective surgery is advisable.

Next, Dr. Fechner will thoroughly examine your facial aesthetics in a systematic manner. He will demonstrate to you what, in his opinion, an ideal outcome after facelift surgery would look like. His recommendations will be guided by the ultimate goal in facial rejuvenation: a natural and well-balanced appearance that is simply attractive and youthful but never over-done. In his experience, the line between appearing normal and unusual must never be crossed. Without compromising longevity, this will routinely mean that Dr. Fechner will “do as much as desired, but never as much as possible.”

This process of identifying the optimal aesthetic appearance allows Dr. Fechner’s patients to feel comfortable that their own personal goals are met. Commonly, patients are surprised about apparent intricacies in the surgical treatment plan. Aging routinely affects the face and neck as a whole and multiple, sometimes small aspects of aging need to be addressed to achieve the most harmonious facial appearance.

If interested you will have an opportunity to view representative photographs of Dr. Fechner’s facelift patients with the understanding that every individual’s facial attributes are unique and, most likely, no exact match of your anatomy will be found.

After the pre-operative preparation for facial rejuvenation surgery has been reviewed, Dr. Fechner will explain your facial procedure. The goal is to be informative without making you feel uncomfortable; therefore, excess surgical detail is generally avoided. However, Dr. Fechner is happy to offer more details to patients who wish to understand small elements of their procedures. In each case, the most suitable anesthesia option for your facelift surgery will be determined.

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