Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

More than Just a Neck Lift

It is normal that we hope for a rather small and easy procedure to fix all of the aging related issues. After all isn’t less surgery always better? The answer is Yes when we observe how much change is desired in one particular area. However, we are rarely seeking dramatic changes in a single anatomical region (with the neck being one exception). But less may Not be better when an imbalance of the face is the result of picking rejuvenation of one facial region over another. The best results in Dr. Fechner’s patients are routinely achieved when the facial harmony is maintained, an understanding that allows Dr. Fechner to customize the treatment plan for the most pleasing and lasting outcomes. Because our faces undergo significant changes as part of the aging process, an all-inclusive plan for reversal is imperative if natural looking and harmonious results are desired. In Dr. Fechner’s opinion, it makes very little sense to only treat a loose neck without acknowledging other facets of facial aging. Some plastic surgeons feel that they “should do what the patient wants (them) to do.” Although well intended, this “customer service” attitude to aesthetic surgery is conceptually flawed and rather short-sighted. If this approach is chosen, the patient is robbed of the opportunity to truly understand how the aging process has affected them and what the facial surgeon envisions as the best possible outcome. For many patients, undergoing a facelift represents a big decision and it will often be a one-time undertaking, They may not be motivated for additional procedures associated with longer downtime even if additional enhancement could be achieved.

In addition, patients do not want to learn about possible further improvements after their facelift, a scenario that can easily lead to disappointment and regret. Rather, all the options should be discussed in detail first to allow the patient to make a decision based on complete information and thoughtful counseling. A comprehensive discussion of aging related aesthetics will allow the patient to understand Dr. Fechner’s vision for the ultimate look he foresees. If this aesthetic goal is different from what the patient would like to achieve, then such a divergence needs to be discussed before the face and neck lift. Because poor communication and planning may lead to a person’s disturbed self-image, Dr. Fechner has been successful in preventing such an unfortunate outcome in his patients.

Dr. Fechner’s holistic consultation based on the anatomy and aging pattern of the face is a prerequisite for aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Comprehensive facial rejuvenation may mean one or two procedures only (e.g., facelift and fat grafting) or it may require other treatments addressing the brows, eyes, chin, nose and lips. The desired harmonious and balanced appearance can best be achieved through a combination of procedures customized by Dr. Fechner.

Below, please find a “top to bottom” breakdown of the various aspects of the face that Dr. Fechner will consider to achieve the best results. These aesthetic features will be discussed during your private facelift consultation with Dr. Fechner.

For reasons of systematic discussion, Dr. Fechner finds dividing the face into regions useful: the upper face, middle face, lower face and neck. At the end, it is rarely advisable to treat solely one of these units as aging changes affect the whole face and neck.

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