Dr. Frank Fechner

Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

img-fechnerFully understanding an individual’s facial attributes and how they have been affected by the normal aging process represents Dr. Fechner’s primary interests. Because of his passion for and experience in rejuvenation surgery of the face and neck, he has become one of the most sought after facelift surgeon in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Dr. Fechner strongly believes that the desired aesthetic outcome must guide the surgical procedures chosen; the facial procedure should not determine or limit the final result. Therefore, he stresses the importance in establishing the correct treatment design. Dr. Fechner stresses: “Before performing any procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, we have to determine the optimal plan. This plan should be based on the patient’s anatomy, aging pattern and, of course, the chosen approach needs to respect the individual’s personal philosophy and ultimate goals.”

Exclusively focusing his surgical expertise on the face and neck for the last 13 years, Dr. Fechner is in the unique position to provide excellence in quality by truly sub-specializing in facelift surgery. To achieve the best surgical results for his patients, he employs a thoughtful balance of using state of the art techniques while advocating time-proven techniques for the face and neck. Dr. Fechner determines treatments for his patients in the same manner as he would his own family; that is, he only recommends treatments to his patients that he is comfortable using on his own family – no more, and no less.

Ultimately, Dr. Fechner strives to provide the most predictable, long-lasting and natural appearing results possible. “After the facelift, I want my patients to look significantly better, more youthful – but normal. At the same time we avoid the unusual, pulled and overdone stigmas of having had surgery.”

A native of Berlin, Germany, Dr. Fechner pursued his residency training in head and neck surgery at Harvard Medical School in Boston. During these years of extensive surgical exposure to reconstructive and aesthetic challenges of the face and neck, Dr. Fechner has remained focused on developing his professional expertise in facial plastic surgery. He was accepted to the highly regarded fellowship at NYU Medical School in New York where he had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the most renowned and experienced plastic surgeons in the United States.

After returning to Massachusetts, Dr. Fechner opened his practice in Worcester. He continues to hold appointments at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Harvard Medical School. His hospital appointments include Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston and UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester.

Although Dr. Fechner is committed to his private Facial Cosmetic Surgery Practice, he teaches medical students, residents and fellows from both UMass and Harvard – seizing an opportunity to share his experience with younger doctors. Dr. Fechner is the author of multiple book chapters and journal articles. He has presented his work at plastic surgery conferences nationally and internationally.

Because he knows that there are many people in other countries that have no access to the same high-quality care available in the US, he has served on many international medical missions. These trips brought him to countries like Ecuador and Russia where he provided face and neck surgical services to local patients in need. For the last 5 years, Dr. Fechner has focused his mission work on Vietnam, leading a team of plastic surgeons to this south-east Asian country in order to perform reconstructive surgery. In addition, he combines this trip with the opportunity to educate Vietnamese plastic surgeons who are eager to offer new surgical procedures to their patients. “We do not want our patients in Vietnam to have to rely on us for decades to come; rather, we hope that our local plastic surgery colleagues will tell us one day that they don’t need us any longer,” says Dr. Fechner.

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